Farewells and hellos!

so update time I have now celebrated 5 months with the most amazing guy! We are discussing long term future plans and everyone is happy ATM, a few things got ironed out along the way. As with a kid involved and a guy used to be single. Made life interesting now everyone is all settled thankfully. Also my sons dad has a new partner so this year is full of beginnings and positives just continuing to co parent effectively gets a bit hard at times. We have farewelled the terrible twos only to have a threenager, some days I question why me! Lol the tantrums are next level. But on a bright note i get to brush up on my dinosaur skills. Have been busy working and keeping house run and surviving winter snuffles quite well this year.  Have stil been gettino the  camera out at Times would like to a whole lot more. Cannot wait for summer already! 



Eeek been so long since a post! cyclone central 

Well quick update master b had surgery he’s healing well, shot my first Motorsport event, pretty happy with the photos. And have been busy editing, and currently feeling like the house is going to blow away as cyclone  pam hits, hoping the trampoline doesn’t blow away these winds are crazy, feeling like Dorothy. 

Will you go around with me? 

Ok so this post is an update on the man scene. Well mr busy ended up being more apart of my life we have spent some amazing quality time together, got spoilt Valentine’s Day he always knows exactly what to say to cure my insecurities and pulls me in line. Lol he’s supportive and loving and caring. But the issue is his flat mates, my ex and his ex who go out and have been going out for over two years. Yet now I’m hated and banned from the house which is owned by mr busy. I feel he needs to put his foot down especially when my ex is all of a sudden hating me and running his mouth about only me. And dictating when I’m allowed around. Also mr busy asked if I would go around with him last weekend, that’s what his dad asked him mum back in the day so i said yes but what does that mean like is that just the old version of will you be my gf? Pretty much told him to grow a pair from here on out and stick up for me if I’m not there to do it. And that the exs can’t dictate what we do anymore. Eek big long rant sorry 

Falling down the rabbit hole

It’s similar to “jumping in feet first.” In Alice in Wonderland, Alice followed the March Hare down the rabbit hole without looking in the hole or thinking about it. She just jumped in (feet first) and ended up in a lot of trouble. So in essence it would mean getting into a messy situation without thinking first about what you were doing.
That’s me in the rabbit hole








Chaotic day need a wine or two?!






Well this morning I got locked out by master b he was standing in the lounge laughing ignoring me and running away this continued for almost half an hour meanwhile I was bribing him with chocolate and finally, needless to say I had a spare key! The rest of the day followed suit and was hectic, finally master b is in bed and a wine is being contemplated. Relaxing to some heavy metal can’t beat some Metallica. Oh and an update the dinosaur has fully hatched. One very excited little guy! Xx Mel